Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is here, thank you baby Jesus!

I definitely not a fashionista, nor do I have a body like a model, nor do I follow trends, but that never stops me from being out-of-control excited when my catalogues from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters come in! Another thing that keeps me from a goddess-like (not to be confused with Chuck Sheen's porn-goddesses) wardrobe? I am a grad student, saving to study abroad ($100 for vaccinations? I'll take a pair of yellow-suede wedges and wear them while I battle Malaria thank you), and broke beyond belief!

I am so in love with these catalogues because I adore Spring and everything about it - the blooming of a new year, the flowers, warm weather, reading outside, Easter, the anticipation of summer - it's all fresh and new and simply lovely. The accessories, shoes, and bags knocked my socks off (and I'm usually not into all that)! I want so much, and I want it all now, and fear I'm on the verge of a Veruca Salt meltdown if I do not get any of it.

My favs from Anthro (mind you this has been cut down dramatically, and I still can't afford any of it):

These are just perfect with any Spring outfit.

I would wear you every. single. day.

Love the cutout lace!

We both know I never wear earrings, but babies, I promise 
if you find your way into my jewelry box I'll give you all the love you've ever wanted.

And my favs from UO:

I love this so much I might actually cave and buy it. 
It works in India, right?
I make fun of hipsters wearing fedoras, but I love the thought of this with a mini dress and oxfords.

Love the pop of mustard
I want these so much it hurts my heart that they are $100. 
Goodbye vaccinations, hello tapeworm fashionista.

Although this is a post about new items, I've been eyeing 
these pretty babies for a while, and they are now ON SALE. 

Sigh. I need a second job. Stripper? JOKING. I'm also loving this cover song right now (of the Rolling Stones), by my favorite bluegrass group, Old Crow Medicine Show:

"Every time you monkey child
You take my breath away
And everytime you move like that
I gotta get down and pray
Don't you know that dress of yours
Was made out of fiberglass
And everytime you move like that
I gotta go to Sunday mass
Oh, you're so down home girl"


carmar76 said...

Scooted over here from Micaela's blog & oh goodness, those last shoes are adorable!

Pal. said...

Hello ! Came up here from Micaela's blog and oh-boy,only if anthropology was available in India,savings would have gone down the drain.

Where would you be studying in India ? If you need any help, please feel free to send me an e-mail :)

P.S : lovely blog

Katie said...

THank you thank you thank you for stopping by my little blog!!! :)