Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring is here, thank you baby Jesus!

I definitely not a fashionista, nor do I have a body like a model, nor do I follow trends, but that never stops me from being out-of-control excited when my catalogues from Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters come in! Another thing that keeps me from a goddess-like (not to be confused with Chuck Sheen's porn-goddesses) wardrobe? I am a grad student, saving to study abroad ($100 for vaccinations? I'll take a pair of yellow-suede wedges and wear them while I battle Malaria thank you), and broke beyond belief!

I am so in love with these catalogues because I adore Spring and everything about it - the blooming of a new year, the flowers, warm weather, reading outside, Easter, the anticipation of summer - it's all fresh and new and simply lovely. The accessories, shoes, and bags knocked my socks off (and I'm usually not into all that)! I want so much, and I want it all now, and fear I'm on the verge of a Veruca Salt meltdown if I do not get any of it.

My favs from Anthro (mind you this has been cut down dramatically, and I still can't afford any of it):

These are just perfect with any Spring outfit.

I would wear you every. single. day.

Love the cutout lace!

We both know I never wear earrings, but babies, I promise 
if you find your way into my jewelry box I'll give you all the love you've ever wanted.

And my favs from UO:

I love this so much I might actually cave and buy it. 
It works in India, right?
I make fun of hipsters wearing fedoras, but I love the thought of this with a mini dress and oxfords.

Love the pop of mustard
I want these so much it hurts my heart that they are $100. 
Goodbye vaccinations, hello tapeworm fashionista.

Although this is a post about new items, I've been eyeing 
these pretty babies for a while, and they are now ON SALE. 

Sigh. I need a second job. Stripper? JOKING. I'm also loving this cover song right now (of the Rolling Stones), by my favorite bluegrass group, Old Crow Medicine Show:

"Every time you monkey child
You take my breath away
And everytime you move like that
I gotta get down and pray
Don't you know that dress of yours
Was made out of fiberglass
And everytime you move like that
I gotta go to Sunday mass
Oh, you're so down home girl"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Proposal Ever?

from postsecret, on facebook


In an attempt to create a healthier life for myself I've gotten back into a workout routine. Yes, I would like to lose weight, and yes I would like to be more fit, but most of all I don't want it to be another phase that I eventually drift out of.

I've always had a fairly healthy diet, but exercise often falls by the wayside when I get busy with work, school, and my long distance relationship. The other problem with working out is that I find it soooo boring! Playing soccer for almost 20 years really ruined me for anything non-competitive, and if you ask my lovely boyfriend, he'll tell you that I'm too competitive to play any sport I'm not good at. [Picture crocodile tears, pouting, frustration.... Really it's not pretty] 

That being said, I have definitely found love in an early morning cycling class, and pre-workout supplement that keeps me energized throughout my workout and the rest of the day:

Yes, that's Jacked, with a 3 instead of an "e"

The name is completely ridiculous, but this stuff seriously works. I remember texting Justin, pre-Jack3d, after a couple cycling classes: "Want to puke. Call later." Ha! Now, instead of feeling worthless the rest of the day after a workout, I feel completely energized. I'm also totally focused while I'm working out, so I concentrate on my form and can keep going longer. For instance this morning I went to a cycling class, then a yoga class, and 6 hours later I still feel really great! Not cracked out or hyper, but just energized. 

I've been pimping this stuff out like Jack3d is paying me, but I'm just so happy with the results. The best benefit is that it makes working out more fun. I'm energized, pushing myself during the workout, and afterwards I feel great. I think that's the key to sticking with it... enjoying what you're doing.

Oh, and props to Justin for introducing me to it, because I KNOW he wants credit ;)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Favorite Fashionista

My good friend Adriana is amazingly fashionable, naturally gorgeous, impeccably artsy, and a genuinely sweet person. Going by looks and style, she would be the girl you're crazy jealous of - except she's your best friend and you can't get enough of her sweet heart.

I mean, really? Gorgeous.

True to form, Adriana is also a very clever writer, as seen in her new fashion blog: LeftOnBoise. Her post about Anthropologie's sister line BHLDN, still has me dreaming about a beautiful garden wedding and beaded bridal gloves.

I'll take all three.

I definitely read her blog every. single. day. because I love her sense of fashion, and her clever writing style. You should check it out!

Adri and her husband Mario, in China

Also, did I mention her and her hubby ALWAYS have the best Halloween costumes???? They are incredible!

Adri - 2011

Mario 2011


YIKES! and AWESOME! At the same time!

Music Shuffle

Thanks to Justin and Micaela, I'm so excited to shuffle my itunes folder and and see what music pops up. Like I'm sure everyone who has done this before me, I hope nothing too embarrassing finds it's way on this list.

1. The Runner - Kings of Leon
2. Tattoo - Joseph Arthur (reminds me of my time in Brooklyn)
3. Pickup Truck - Kings of Leon
4. Overprotected - Britney Spears
5. Come on Over Baby - Christina Aguilera (hello embarrassment!)
6. Thinking About You - Norah Jones
7. Sunrise - Norah Jones
8. Black Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls
9. Photograph - Weezer
10. Edge of Town - Ghostland Observatory (AMAZING band! synth beats are the way to my heart)
11. Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show (one of my favorite songs ever, by one of my favorite bands.... and my good friend's wedding song)
12. Everywhere - Tim McGraw
13. More Than Human - White Zombie (awkward!)
14. 9 Crimes - Damien Rice
15. Human - The Killers
16. Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
17. Infra-Red - Placebo
18. My Hero - Foo Fighters
19. Zelda Theme - Deadmau5
20. Mi Amigo - Kings of Leon
21. The Reward is Cheese - Deadmau5
22. Perfume - Damien Rice
23. Minglewood Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show
24. Nothin' Better To Do - Leanne Rhimes
25. Oxford Comma - Vampire Weekend (LOVED watching this band live at ACL!)

I have so many other bands I love, but for some reason the same ones kept popping up. Some of the more pop oriented songs I listen to while working out, and Deadmau5 is awesome for keeping a steady pace!

I don't like paying money for music (as cheap as that sounds), so I love listening to Pandora to discover new bands, and Grooveshark when I want to listen to one band's entire collection.