Monday, November 29, 2010

Right Foot Forward

As a new-ish social worker (only a year until I have my Master's Degree!), I have never been more proud of this project, Right Foot Forward. One of my advanced classes is developing a soccer program for the $100 million homeless campus here in San Antonio, Haven for Hope. H4H is amazing because they offer dorms, hot meals, classes, vocational training, jobs on campus, help finding jobs off campus, a chapel, and different clubs to all the members. Our soccer program will be the newest club on campus, one that we have worked very hard to develop all semester. I feel so lucky to be in this advanced communities class, this semester, on THIS project, and even luckier to be named a project leader. We are having a soccer tournament/festival on December 12 at a nearby park, with bands, food, and a medal ceremony for all the participants.

Yes, it has been very stressful getting e-mails from before 8am to past 11pm, follow-up texts to make sure I got said e-mails, and the pressure of having our project fail (thank goodness for my patient boyfriend who listens to me complain about it all). It is more than made up for every time I get to hang out with the teams, scrimmage with them, hear how excited they are, and remember how much happiness soccer brought to my life.

Check out the pictures I took of our first practice here:

and more about the program here:

To any philanthropists out there, we are still looking for in-kind or equipment donations :)

I simply can not wait for December 12th!