Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Saturday!

This morning I woke up and had a lovely 5.3 mile country run in my new fancy kicks:

I've been putting off buying new running shoes because they are soooo expensive, but also because I bought my old pair when I started grad school in 2009 and have a sort of sentimental attachment to them.  I finally went to Run-On yesterday after my old tennis shoes left me nursing 4 painful blisters from a short run with my niece and nephew. Let me tell you that Lauren, who helped me at Run-On, was SO amazing!! She passed on some really great knowledge and was so sweet and helpful that I felt happy even after seeing my $130 bill. Here are a couple of tips she gave me:

1. Running shoes shouldn't tight on your foot. She said that most soccer players like myself are used to a tight fit, but that it's not good for your toes when running.

2. There should be a thumb's width between your big toes and the end of your shoe. 

3. There are different levels of support with running shoes. I needed medium support, but it's based on how much your foot rolls inside or outside when you push off the ground. 

4. Shoes should be replaced every 300 miles or every 4-5 months. (Ummm, this probably won't happen in my case). 

5. Running shoes are a lot lighter than other shoes, and some brands claim to be running shoes, when in fact they are not good for running at all. Which was the case with my Nike Shox - Lauren told me they were too heavy, didn't bend in the middle to support my arch as I ran, and were a size too small.

See what I mean about awesome info?! She was great! So yes, this morning I woke up, went for a nice long, slow run, and finished with ZERO new blisters and ZERO knee pain. I love Lauren!!! I want to cradle her little face in my hands and tell her I love her! Okay, she might take that the wrong way... I'll just call the store and say thank you :)

P.S. The only downside to running alone in the country is that I got preoccupied with "what would happen if I got seriously injured out here?" Haha, I kept envisioning myself tripping over a rock, breaking my hip, and ending up on "I Shouldn't Be Alive" after a wolf eats my legs. That thought, along with other equally gruesome scenarios, actually made my run go by pretty fast!


carmar76 said...

hahahaha! i'm glad you didn't get eaten by wolves or anything. remember to program a panic button into your cell & CARRY IT W/ YOU even tho sometimes ppl don't want the "weight" of their phone when they run (idk if you fall into that). : )

Katie said...

Carrie, I'm definitely not one of those people! I bought a little water bottle/pouch thingie, only to find my huge Evo doesn't fit!! Haha, stupid me, I should have tried to put my phone in there before buying it! I am going to make a trip to Target this week to get another, bigger one :)

carmar76 said...

lol i hate when that happens! but hey, it IS an excuse to go back to the mecca that is target, so it's not all bad... : )

Micaela said...

ha you are so cute!!! my shoes are in SERIOUS need of being replaced... but i'm just like you- so friggen expensive right? and this pair that i have now i got 2 years ago? when me and my now husband were first living together and went on a work-out fix (that lasted a day?) and he bought them for me so they're sentimental to me too ;) but! now that Lauren gave you so many pointers... ya def need some new ones! like the thumb part? pretty sure mine are not the right size lol

ugh... i've been really good at sticking with my pilates class but not so much running... it's getting so hot here but you understand the texas heat :) so i should have no excuse i realize LOL

Katie said...

Mmmm Target, I love you!

Micaela, I always jinx myself when I buy new workout gear... I get all fancy and cute, and then totally fall off the workout wagon! I think the key for me is looking busted, haha. And pilates seems hard! I've been doing a Yoga class, with some Pilates mixed in, and I can't imagine doing a whole hour of it!

Aw, I miss El Paso weather, and those gorgeous mountains! I bet it's getting hot!